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Neighborhood CollegeThis site has mini workshops that introduce people to what is on the Internet. Our mini-workshops cover topics of interest to people, such as car repair, stretching your budget, grassroots leadership, and simple energy conservation, as well as recreational topics such as genealogy and crafts. The emphasis is less on how to use the Internet, but on why you should use it. In these workshops, technology and the Internet become the tools that support your interests.


 Once you know that there is great information online about things that you are personally interested in, then you can decide if you want to develop your Internet skills further. There are many classes available in your community, often at libraries and community centers, which can help you explore the Internet further.


The list of topics to the right is only a small part of what is available online. You can click on a topic, and go through the mini workshop on your own.  If you are a trainer, you can use the mini workshop as a means of holding a workshop with participants who can get hands-on experience using the Internet.



The Neighborhood College is always looking for new topics to develop, volunteers to help develop workshops and to become trainers, and of course, opportunities to hold workshops at various community locations. If you have ideas, or want to volunteer, email us at tincaninfo@tincan.org or call (509)744-0972.


If you would like to develop an interest topic to add to this site, let us know. We’d love to expand our offerings.







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