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Tincan is passionate about history.

Tincan preserves the everyday person’s story as part of the larger story of history. This is done by collecting oral histories, photographs and other artifacts or mementos to tell the region’s history. Everything is collected digitally so that individuals are able to participate but still maintain the ownership of their items.



Inland Northwest Memories Project

Tincan’s online archive the Inland Northwest Memories Project is a depository of regional and Spokane history. INMP houses numerous photographs, oral history transcripts, and other primary source documents open to the public knowledge. In addition these documents are an essential part of today’s classroom.


Suffrage Centennial Workshop

The Suffrage Centennial Workshop was a professional development opportunity, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, designed to prepare regional teachers to incorporate material on Washington’s Women’s Suffrage Centennial into their classrooms. Curriculum developed during this workshop is available online for use in your classroom. On November 8, 2010, Washington State will celebrate the centennial of women’s gaining the right to vote. Washington was the first state in the twentieth century and the fifth state in the Union to enact women’s suffrage preceding the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution by ten years.

Science Reporters


Village Voices

Veterans' Voices

The story of the Vietnam War as only those who marched through the harshness of war can tell is the premise for Veteran’s Voices. Funded by Humanities Washington this project will collect oral history interviews with Vietnam Veterans to capture the things they carried with them both physically, mentally and spiritually. Eight high school students from the Spokane area will study both the history of the war and the art of film to create this piece to accompany the EWU Get Lit Program’s theme this year Telling America’s Story. These students will read Tim O’Brian’s The Things They Carried; attend workshops with Whitworth professor Dr. Dale Soden; conduct oral histories with Vietnam Veterans; and create a 10 minute film to be shown during the Get Lit Festival.





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