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Game Development

Tincan’s video game development program focuses on using game development as a tool to present challenging content in an engaging manner. Participants learn not only the technical skills to work within a professional game development software platform, but also to develop convincing game stories based on factual information, while also learning about game industry careers.


Science Gaming for Educators

Science Game Development

Using games in the classroom as learning tools has gotten a lot of attention as a means of teaching both technology skills and science/math content. Tincan’s game development program goes a step further by teaching educators and students to actually make science video games. Tincan's workshops educate teachers on the pedagogical background of using games in education as well as the conceptual and technical skills to create a science-based computer game. Teachers master the complexities of MultiMedia Fusion 2, a game development platform, to get characters to move through the game and challenge players not only to win the game, but also to learn science concepts.


Serious Gaming

Serious games use the engaging format of video games to educate players about an important issue, from social problems to health care. Tincan’s serious game program teaches participants to create an entertaining game that is also capable of raising awareness, educating, or engaging players in solving a problem.

Serious Gaming


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