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Tincan Staff


Senior Researcher

Karen Michaelson is Tincan's Senior Researcher. Since 1990 she has focused on digital activism issues through innovative programs for socially and economically disadvantaged populations, for schools, and for economic and community development. She has addressed the President's Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure, and lectures nationally on STEM education, game development as an educational tool, and increasing diversity in the STEM workforce. Dr. Michaelson has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and a certification in distance learning design and development, with a focus on online learning. As Tincan’s Executive Director, she develops new projects ranging from science education to game development, creates new content for Tincan’s programs, and carries out overall management for the organization.



Tara Neumann is Tincan's Director. She drives Tincan's programs with her education experience and passion for youth and community development through media literacy. Before joining Tincan in 2003 her experiences included classroom leadership, curriculum development, teacher professional development and project collaboration. She holds a BSED in Secondary Education and a MED in Educational Technology.


Operations Manager

Elisha Durrant has a B.A. in History and Anthropology, Museum Studies from Central Washington University. Elisha has experience working in a variety of museums through volunteering and internships.


Science Education Coordinator

Michelle Grove holds a BS in Chemistry and an MA in Teaching from Willamette University. Michelle taught secondary science and math in the Portland-area public schools for 7 years. She brings to Tincan a passion for science and technology education and will provide curriculum development and instructional support for our science outreach programs.


Manager of Interactive Media

Ryan Ferguson teaches many youth media programs throughout Spokane. Ryan brings fresh video expertise as a graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle. His wide range of experience includes shooting and editing at two local TV stations, co-founding Ferguson Films, and instructing teens on video production through the Pearson Charitable Foundation.


Software Developer

Mike Lieske holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington. He writes and maintains software as well as teaching classes on game design and development in a variety of formats.


Industry Navigator

Sierra Bumsted holds a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Eastern Washington University. She just returned to Spokane from Seattle where she was working as a vocational specialist at Sound Mental Health. Sierra has expertise in workforce development and she is passionate about helping others and creating a better tomorrow, today.



Tincan Board


Patrick Underwood

R&D Manager

Honeywell Electronic Materials

Linda Hemingway

Director of Market Development and Communication

Innovate Washington

Dennis Lordan

Regional Account Manager

InTouch Health


Matt Sanger


Salina, Sanger, and Gauper


Karen Stevenson, Ph.D.

Licensing Associate

University of Idaho


Michele Roban

Science Educator

Centennial Middle School


Karen Michaelson, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Tincan (ex officio)


Jerry Post

News Director








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